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This page is to journal my efforts towards the November, 2004 Art by the Inch Challenge, which runs the month of November, 2004.


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14,232 / 10,000
Some Other-than-Mandala kinds of art, update:
11/30/04 - Tah-daaah! well over 14000 square inches to count... Got too busy with the 10-plus hour days building a Dickens Booth to keep up a daily dose of Mandalae; but there are indeed More finally posted to my mandalas page: mandalae.html
Got some of the photos of that there booth-building up, so as to count them in my inches:
I promise more photos soon, since we've actually Opened faire this past weekend! The shots above are of us building...
Between sketches, mandalas, sewing costume, and creating foof and finery for the booth, I breeze past my goal of artwork finished within this month!

I found out - mid day on Sunday - that my books are actually really and for true, juried in! Now to MAKE a whole bunch more -- several in process today, but will be finished tomorrow or Thursday, and so not in this November count.

11/06/04 - Overdyed: one cotton gauzy whose shibori-dyestuff hadn't soaked all the way in, with a marine blue scrunch overdye; and a chiffon silk, also in the same dyebath/scrunch-and-run, to do something more interesting than the colors it originally came out that I didn't like; this will add a bunch of depth, and I like that. They're both 15x75 for a quick 2250 square inches that I'll photo as soon as I've ironed them out. There, see how easy it is to consider 10,000 square inches when you're playing with yardage? Now to dare myself to a stretched canvas and the terror of the two-dimensional, which is what's exotic and foreign to my experience...

11/05/04 - Art-journal sketch pages, not yet photod, but soon! because I have a working digital camera, dance of glee! (some will recall my old was was lost - and may not know it was recovered - hurrah! now to stuff a battery into it and snap some pix of the stuff I've been scrawling "acoustic"... soon, soon. 163 square inches of pen-and-ink drawings so far.

11/02/04 - cards for a Red Dog Scott deck / ATM swap: 55 3x5 digital prints of painted image (painting done before November; digital work finished / printed / sent in Nov.). 825 inches.


Ruth Temple, 2004

Daily Mandala Personal Challenge Updates
nov15More mandalas are posted at my mandala page (see link at left). Annecy
After Cezanne's Lake Annecy
The An Art A Day is a group who got together, inspired in part by ABTI, and continued on from last May's ABTI challenge. For This November, there's a challenge to take inspiration from a given artist per week.
dancing madrone
From a photo of a madrone tree inland from the Northern CA coast, August 2004,
Mandala made Nov 6, 2004
Sabino Sky
Sabino Canyon Sky
Sabino Canyon is in a park near where my folks winter over in Tucson, AZ. One yule we rode up and strolled down the little road up the hill there.
Mandala made November 6, 2004
Sabino Canyon Sky 2
Sabino Canyon Sky 2
Another take from the same working mandala of the Sabino Canyon hill and rim of sky, showing detail a little closer in.
Mandala, Nov 6, 2004
This little guy is to show the intermediate step, a clip of cliff and sky rotated sixfold to make the center of the other two mandalas from the same Sabino Canyon photo.
Mandala made November 6, 2004
Arashi Shibori, from my handpainted silks
Mandala, Nov 4, 2004
Split rail
"Taylor Split Rail"
Photo from a No. CA camping trip
Mandala made November 5, 2004
Fire Dogs
Mandala, Nov 3, 2004
Kelp Dance
Mandala made November 3, 2004

Condom Art Car, San Francisco
Mandala, Nov 2, 2004
Red Autumn Leaves
Mandala made November 1, 2004

Since I've been doing digital mandalas for a while, and they're (of course) Round, I mocked up a quick table to show the area, and give folks the quick tutorial on calculating the area of a circle. It's up at the ABTI main website, in the FAQ area http:/ / there.

Thanks be to Tricia for coming up with this idea in 2003! I look forward to seeing other folks' explorations and work this round, as well, and you can see them here at the Art by the Inch Challenge web page. Enjoy!

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