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There's a list-serv/yahoo group of all my sibs, cousins and all the relatives desciended from Edith Hamlin, my father's mother who died young at 40...
Someone has put (part of?) the geneaology book printed around 1900 by my great-great-grandfather, Lewis Temple, on the web at ... fabulous! I have a tattery photocopy of the manuscript, which comes down to about my grand-dad's and dad's generation in places. I ponder touching base with these folks and mirroring the site, adding the information dad and his cousin Rollie Bourne in Southern California have added down the current generations...

Farmers' Markets

Being fond of growing, eating and cooking, we are fans not only of our local fresh foods markets, but go the extra step to shop at our local Farmer's Markets. Peruse these resources from the Santa Cruz region through San Francisco, and c'mon back for some recipes that I'll be posting in the future.

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